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Blossom Collector

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The Shrinking Song

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Hello. just thought I'd post that I'm starting a SW (Shrinking Woman) commission series entitled "Blossom Collector" in which the titular OC shrinks and collects anime and anime style girls who happen to have been named, as is quite common in Japan, for flowers or flower-words.

(Please copy/paste and add the h in "http" to all offsite URLs due to DA linking rules)

First up, the incomparable :iconireneubik: has provided the Collector with the first addition to his collection, a lovely Orchid:

Second, the incredibly talented :iconelek-tronikz:  brings a remarkably pink Cherry into the mix: (Uncensored->) ttp://

Third, the marvelous :iconflowerxl: draws the story about the Collection of a particularly Beautiful Blossom:…

Fourth, the wonderful :iconsugarnhoney: makes it almost too easy to Collect a feisty Japanese Photinia:

Fifth (and sixth) the dazzling :iconapple-cake: shows the value of Divide and Collect when dealing with a formerly formidable Lily and Cinnamon: ttp://

Seventh, the masterful :iconaakkittoo: illustrates how skilled diverting can lead to the leisurely collection of a somewhat touchy Jasmine:

Eight, the superb :iconhamotilok: presents the Collector with a Cherry-collecting opportunity which is just too good to pass up:…

Ninth, the splendid :iconjitenshasw: grants the Collector the rare opportunity to achieve a T.S.O (Total Shrink Out) on an unusually competitive Cherry:…

Tenth, the professional :iconreit9: demonstrates the collector acquiring some fairly stuborn Bamboo with nothing more than paper, ink and an appropriate cage (uncensored):…
(ttp:// )
(ttp:// )
(ttp:// )

Transplantation Interludes
The trip home after a new Collection can be an variable experience for the Collector(not to mention his newly aquired pet). Sometimes, his latest Blossom immediately presents new opportunities for entertainment. Sometimes she produces obstacles to a successful transplant. And sometimes the trip goes so smoothly the Collector decides to just take his new pet out and play with her to pass the time. Here are some of the scenarios that took place before the newly shrunken girls were "welcomed" into their new home in the Collection:

Bored during the trip home, the Collector decides to sit down and sort through the latest pile of goodies provided by :iconreit9:. Kagome herself merits a "closer" inspection (uncensored):…
(ttp:// )

A scrumptious picture is painted by :iconjitenshasw: as the Collector resolves to add Ramen to his pink-haired Sakura (or is it add pink-haired Sakura to his Ramen?)…

You can't fool all of the people all of the time. The collector runs into some trouble during the transport of his rare Photinia, and a distraction is called for. Naturally, as the cause of all this trouble, Kaname herself is chosen to help record (along with :iconjitenshasw:) the diversion in a truly "distracting" state:

The collector enjoys learning new techniques for shrinking, but it can be a time-consuming chore. Luckily, black market, multi-dimensional effective shrink drugs help him get around this problem. Not so luckily, science demands that the first specimens from these trials be properly isolated before joining his collection. However, as the wonderfully accommodating :iconmigs308: demonstrates, the quarantine process itself can be quite enjoyable as well:…


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